GEC English Hymn

English Hymn 68

The work in which we serve is yours,
O Christ, our living head;
And since it is your chosen cause
We know it must succeed.
But as the buried grain first dies
Before it can to new life rise,
So must your word and workers be
Brought low in deep humility;
And so must we
Show deep humility.

O Christ, the work you came to do
Meant toil and death and pain
And we must tread that pathway too
The glorious crown to gain.
The servant’s not above his Lord
And if we aim for heaven’s reward
We dare not ask for quick success
But persevere with faithfulness, But persevere
With constant faithfulness.

When we have met all your demands,
Kept all your perfect will,
Obeyed each one of your commands
We’re worthless servants still;
The servant may no honour claim;
All credit goes to your dear name.
But when the victory has been won
At last we’ll hear you say, “Well done!”
On that great day
We’ll hear you say, “Well done!”


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