GEC English Hymn

English Hymn 14

O come let us praise our God
Omnipotent, omniscient one
O come, O come, praise the Lord
There is no one like unto Him
His great wonders to perform
Who can against Him be?
Sing of His great mighty pow’r
By which all things created
He who made all the heavens, The earth is His footstool
All great and small things came forth
Just by His mighty word

All things belong to God
Our provider, our salvation
We all praise Thee, O our God
Our protector, our guard and shield
Let all the earth praise the Lord
He keeps us in His hands
Let all the earth sing to Him
He keeps us in safety
O praise the great and mighty God
Our cares belong to Him
O praise the mighty warrior
Our fears belong to Him

We bring sacrifices of praise
Unto the Lord our God most High
We bring sacrifices of praise
And we rejoice in God our strength
Give us the strength to press on
Even when life gets tough
Help us to rise up again
While we fall on the way
Give us the grace to endure
Hard times may come our way
Help us to look to our God And give you praise ever.


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